Viber Messenger Unveils the Dark Mode for Android


Nowadays, messengers and chatting apps are more determined to present the users with the most unique and customer-friendly features and services in order to step up the game. In recent months, the dark mode has become a favorite for many apps, messengers and browsers that debuted the mode to make the user’s experience more comfortable and eye-relaxing. Facebook Messenger is one of the apps that presented the dark mode and prompted other instant-messaging platforms to do the same.

The popular Viber app recently decided to equip its messenger with the dark mode for both Android and iOS devices to keep up with the user’s expectations. As a starter, the dark mode will be released for Androids everywhere, and the iOS devices are expected to have the same feature some time later. The messenger’s company resorted to its official Twitter account and spread the news about the upcoming debut of the dark mode in 2019.

Since last year, the dark mode has started to gain popularity for its battery-consumption reducing ability and eye-relaxing aura that makes using any app in the nighttime more convenient and easy; following its rising popularity, many apps and messengers started to present the dark mode in their next updates for the user’s sake. It’s definitely not surprising at all to see Viber following the same trend and presenting its own “Dark Mode”.

Viber Messenger modes

This new Viber mode has multiple benefits to various types of users, especially the ones who are addicted to using their phones and devices at night. If the user for instance is sharing a room with others, using the dark mode will not cause any sort of disturbance for those who are trying to sleep! The mode also saves the battery life making it last longer, and the light emanating from the screen will be reduced so that the user’s eyes are less badly affected by it.

The dark mode of Viber is expected to be rolled out for iOS devices very soon as well. The messenger opted for a dark charcoal shade for its new mode which is, in fact, a favorite for many users; Facebook, on the other hand, chose an AMOLED, starkly black, dark mode which is a little bit different than the Viber choice for the same new night-time feature. In order to activate the “Dark Mode” on Viber, the user has to update to the latest version of the app and the new feature will be visible in the settings. Many notorious names in the market have either already presented the “Dark Mode”, or will be presenting it in the upcoming weeks which stresses the importance of introducing more customer- and device-friendly features that’ll help amp up the overall user’s experience in 2019.

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