How to use the Viber app in a Blackberry Mobile

viber app blackberry

The Viber app is also being used in Blackberry as Viber is working for a short time with the Blackberry. The application is available in a beta version. The beta version is launched internationally for Blackberry users. The beta version is an upgraded version and provides better features for picture messages and text messages.

Viber app for the Blackberry users and Windows phone users provides photo messaging and text messaging. You can also share location with other Viber app users. You don’t have to send any friend request. The beta version provides a fast and easy messaging way and also records the voice in HD. You can also send e-mails from this application. With the help of Blackberry the Viber app is able to use the platform for a fast way of communication. You can send photo, music and even voice messages.

The Viber app provides easy synchronization with the address book. It can also do the same thing with the BBM device. With the help of this app you can call anywhere around the world. The Viber app installed in your Blackberry provide update for v2.2.14 throughout the world. This app is enable when your data pack is active. You can use this app by 3G network or Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have the data connection then it might cost you additional charges. You can easily download the app from the app world which is easily available in any smart phone.

This can be used as an ID. You just need to download the app and set it for installation. You have to provide the mobile number on the app and need to enter the confirmation code which will be given to you through an SMS. As soon as you install the app it will automatically search the contacts and will let you know about the users using the Viber app.

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