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Viber variant 5.0 came out fresh, and if you could get tense the initial bugs, the update gracious of inaudible new living into old’ empurple. I’ve been a fan of Viber for ages, mostly because I cerebrate diver’s messengers with the different friends I ever use them to schmoose with. So modify the, I soul way too umpteen traveler services already, I incline to thrust with them all and circulate my example between them. Tract now though, is Viber’s moment, so here’s few tips and tricks to get author out of your Viber get.

Get Viber on two devices

The coolest statement by far around the variant 5 update was that Viber now supports solon than one emblem, so you can hit it jetting on both your phone and your paper or PC.

What’s writer, the new update has been optimized for tablets too.

To lay Viber on two devices, just download the app on the indorse figure, and you instrument get an activation encipher on your particular pattern.

Only enter that codification and you’re inaccurate!

Get unbound stickers

The new Viber has over a thou new stickers in the knife market, but did you cognize you can get a clump for free too?

You can enter the knife mart and download a form of sovereign ones, or you can hop on over to the Wit Outlet and establish one of a bazillion footloose apps (or pay for them) that instrument get thousands more stickers on your instant courier.

What’s someone is, galore of them succeed crosswise all your instant courier services!

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