Viber Presents its Newest Local Numbers Feature


The Viber instant-messaging app is one of the most popular platforms for daily communication and staying in touch with those who matter. The developers of Viber messenger are indeed always trying to introduce new features and messaging properties that’ll help to amp up the service and provide the users with the best and most secure chatting app to use on daily basis.

Recently, the viral messenger introduced yet another new feature this year which is the option of having “Local Numbers” in order to be used for receiving phone calls and message texts anywhere.

Users of Viber can subscribe to have a local number to utilize it for various tasks in the specified places. The new feature is expected to be released worldwide for users very soon; but initially, “Local Numbers” will be tested to prove functionality in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. with more countries to be added gradually and regional codes to be provided as well.

In order to further promote the new feature, Viber stated that the first subscribers to the new “Local Numbers” feature will be awarded with a monthly price discount for good – they’ll pay $2 for the new service. Other late subscribers will, however, pay $5 per month, and the new feature will be immediately added to the Viber app upon making the payment. The new Viber feature isn’t totally new to users who have been quite acquainted with it via other messaging apps that provide the same feature since a couple of years ago – Microsoft’s Skype offers local numbers in many countries for users to make and receive phone calls and messages.

Viber messenger has been trying to extend the promotions of its platform by introducing more useful and required features that’ll prove beneficial for the one billion of its users. As a starter, Viber made local numbers available in three countries to test the waters; the app is expected to make the new feature available for more communities in the upcoming weeks in order to have a fair competition with the other apps that present the very same feature for the entire world.

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The latest Viber update is targeted specifically at online businessmen and entrepreneurs who need to present their partners or customers with a local number specified for a particular area so that both parties stay in touch no matter where they are; the local numbers are also a cheaper and easier way to communicate with any one who asks for the user’s own phone number; this new feature is a separately functional method of sharing your number with others, but with no need to pay much and also the user will be able to differntaiate between the incoming calls to his Viber number and other calls received by the normal phone service provider. Viber’s “Local Numbers”  is the new feature that’ll help empower the app and transform it into one of most functional and comprehensive messaging services available at the moment.

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