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Nowadays, many social media and instant-messaging apps are introducing multiple user-based features that have been requested by so many people for enough time. Following the same trend, the renovated messaging app Viber Messenger has decided to reintroduce its platform in a new style incorporating a couple of new features that have been demanded by the users over the course of the last year.

Recently, Viber unveiled the arrival of a new editing feature that allows the users to edit and reshape their sent messages in case of need or if there’s something wrong or missed. The message editing feature is going to further ease the process of communicating via the Viber platform that’s trying to re-gain some of its lost glory in 2019.

Currently, Viber isn’t considered to be one of most popular or used apps, but the instant-messaging app still has millions of users all over the would and with the debut of the message editing feature, the Viber customers are going to be able to correct any mistaken or faulty messages in an easy and efficient way.

Viber Introduces Message Editing Feature

As a start, the developers of Viber launched the new editing feature for the Android devices everywhere and the app is promoting the new feature as a tool for correcting typos or changing the content of any already-sent message. And to make the editing process visible to all parties involved, an “edited” mark will accompany the message.

After rolling the feature for the Androids out there, the company is planning to provide the iPhone devices with it as well in the near future. The Viber Messenger editing feature is one of many features the messenger is launching one by one as part of the bigger plan to renovate and represent the instant-messaging app in a new shape in 2019. Amongst the debuting features are the group calls, private messaging, and messaging without numbers, all of which are going to be unveiled along with the new Viber design.

Viber 10 is now available

In an official commentary on the new message editing feature, officials at the Viber company made sure to explain how the new feature is going to benefit the users on a larger scale and on daily basis as well. The commentary stated that the new feature is going to save the situation if there happens to be any typing or informative mistake within the sent messages. Viber’s “Edit Messages” is the easiest way to send the perfect message with no need to delete or rewrite any content; a long tap on the sent message will enable the user to edit the text as he wishes and resend it, and the edited message will go back to its rightful place, corrected! Viber 10 is now available for Android devices via the online stores.

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