Viber Messenger Updates its Platform for 2020


With the end of the “past” decade, it can’t be denied that social media apps, websites and on-the-go messengers have indeed changed our lives for the better. Messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more help people all over the world stay connected to others 24/7.

Viber messenger is definitely one of the biggest messengers at the moment with the instant-messaging service always updated and promoted as the most secured and safe online messaging app.

Viber Messenger Updated

And in order to prepare for 2020, developers of Viber launched yet a new update that’ll enhance some features and improve the user’s experience. Having a fan base of one billion users from all countries and communities is indeed an enough propeller to update the Viber messenger regularly. The latest update – – flaunts a “Dark Theme” feature along with a better online communication service.

Viber version

The newest Viber messenger version includes an overall enhanced performance of instant messaging; there are innumerable messaging features on Viber that are of crucial importance to almost all users. The syncing between different smartphones and devices, and the automatic message deleting are amongst the top Viber features applauded by many. The syncing with computers, tablets and laptops will enable you to chat using any device you want. You can chat directly from your PC or tablet for example!

Developers of Viber are also continuously stressing that the famous messenger is one of the most safe apps at the moment. Viber protects all your messages and content – texts, pictures and videos – via the end-to-end encryption feature that has been added long time ago. Plus, the chat groups on Viber can encompass up to 250 people so that you’re able to create collective groups for your work, family and friends.

Viber Dark Theme

The regular Viber updates are aimed to improve the quality of the messaging service in order to cope with the demands of the markets. The recent Viber version brings about some enhancements that’ll ease online messaging in 2020. The user can now add friend/s to a chatting group in a simple way; through the header of any chat, he can choose “Add to Groups” to add that user to any group easily. The new “Dark Theme” can be also activated easily through the “Settings” and then “Appearance”. The Viber update was released in vital time with the decade ending and more messengers and instant-messaging apps getting ready to rule the scene with the start of the new year. However, Viber manages to maintain its position in the market due to its huge variety of communicating features and solid privacy settings.

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