Viber Messenger Reinvents its Design & Introduces Group Calling in 2019


As social media apps are rapidly taking over the world, many app developers and tech companies are diligently considering either introducing the audience with newly created apps or renovating and representing some already-existent apps. So as a result of the developing nature of the social media and communication market, the once extremely popular instant-messaging app, Viber, has decided to reintroduce itself in a new design along with an interesting bundle of messaging features and services that are designed on basis of the current user’s needs and requirements.

Officials at the Viber company has announced since the start of 2019 that the app is getting a renovation and is going to be launched as Viber 10. Viber 10 is reportedly a much better version of the original messaging app with enhanced features and quicker communicating process for the sake of the users around the globe.

Apparently, the Viber redesign is planned to be unveiled is the upcoming days and it’s a modern reimgaintaion of the original Viber application. The basic idea of the Viber renovation plan is to implement a more efficient navigation system in order to ease access to the various messaging features available such as private chats, communities, chatbots, and group chats amongst others. The redesign of Viber in 2019 will enable the users to access any feature easier and quicker as the new facade will be more effective than before. And along with the exterior renovation, there is also a bundle of new features joining the Viber app this year to make online communicating more satisfactory and up-to-date. For example, the new Viber will sport a “Calls” screen that allows the user to better find the recent calls, any contact and much more.

Viber v.10

Moreover, hidden-number chats is yet another new feature debuting with Viber 10; in these discreet chats, users can communicate and chat with each other but with no need to know or divulge phone numbers. The hidden-number chats will transform Viber slightly into a full social media platform where the users can chat without giving away their identities – which will indeed help to make Viber a more secured and safer online communicating platform.

Also, “Group Calls” feature is making a grand debut this year as Viber, as a start, will support group voice calls of up to 5 users. The group video calls feature is however expected to wait a little more before joining the Viber app. Djamel Agaoua, CEO of Viber, stated that the renovation and relaunch of Viber are driven by the company’s main aim of perfecting and easing the online communication processes in order to meet the needs of the Viber users locally and globally. Viber 10 will be available in the next few days and users can immediately download the app from online stores everywhere.

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