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Viber is a messaging app that has seen consistent evolution and growth in terms of its popularity, its advanced attributes and its constant addition of new updates aimed at giving its users a greater satisfaction. We have put together a list of Viber’s tips & trick that can help you understand its features better.

Viber on multiple devices

The recent version of Viber supports more than a single device. Now your app can run on your phone, tablet or your PC. Just download the app on your second device. It will send the activation code to the primary device using Viber. Enter the code, activate the connection, and you can use Viber on multiple devices.

Get Smart with Smart notification

Annoyed by the regular stream of notifications sent by your friends, boyfriend. Messages into Viber prove to be your true friend, enable the smart notification – Viber combines the consecutive messages into ONE message.

Manage multiple chats

If you are a gregarious person, you obviously will be running multiple conversations at any given time – that means you would have constantly to change the chat rooms to pursue your conversations.

With the recent up gradation, Viber lets you switch with a swipe to the right of the device’s screen. Here you can see the current active chats, you can switch to the chat group by tapping on the name of the group or the name of your friend.

Block, the Unwanted visitors

There may arise certain situations that would call for blocking certain users. The app allows you the option of blocking the said user. He or she cannot contact you using the Viber call facility or have one on one conversation with you. Just in case you have a change of heart and wish to add the user back into your chat or allow a  person to call you – Viber provides you the unblock option too.

Get free stickers

The oxygen of any chat, Stickers is one of the most sought after feature by IM users. An updated version of the Viber has over a gazillion stickers on the sticker market. Those who are looking for free downloads of stickers, this app does not disappoint you there are over thousands of free sticker bunch for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is check into a play store, play around checking the tons of stickers available and just download and install the app on your device.

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