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Today in the modern age of technology, due to the expensive call rates around the world VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology is now very popular , the rise of too much internet use. VoIP is easily affordable a very inexpensive source for calls and messages. Viber provides a VoIP service to all around the world. The person can send messages, calls and send their photos easily all around the world to another Viber user.

Viber Around the World

More than 200 million people connect to Viber worldwide. The platform is very simple a convenient to use .Viber is fully compatible with android OS platform. It easily work on 3g networks and on Wi-Fi. Sound quality is very crystal clear. Viber to Viber calls and messages are totally free of cost.


  • Viber also offers Viber out by which you can call to non-Viber mobile and landline numbers at low rates. Viber out rates is described on the . Just enter your country name and it will show the call rate for the specific location.
  • Viber also offers location-sharing with viber users.
  • The application layout is very simple and easy to use, no registration is required all you need to enter your phone number and then verification code will being send on your phone’s number , just confirm it and Viber is now ready .
  • After a quick registration it will instant integrate your contacts list and display your friends those have Viber already, you can easily navigate to them and start your conversations.
  • You can make conversation groups on Viber for your friends.
  • You can also send a quick recorded audio by just pressing the mic button in the typing window.
  • You can download and use many stickers like emojis , a Viber market has many different stickers for fun messaging.
  • A quick pop on any notification and a quick pop up window for a quick reply.
  • Also supports with Viber desktop.
  • You can also change your conversation background image.

A constantly running application drained much battery on android because they are running all the time in the background for instant active notifications. So Viber doesn’t use as much memory in the RAM, you can enable a Wi-Fi sleep mode to increase your battery life.

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