Android Smartphones with 6GB RAM 


Android Smartphones with 6GB RAM 

No doubt! Technology has become the face of the world. And with the rapid upgrade on android phones from time to time, we now have them at a RAM of 6GB. The rage of producing android phones with such a

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Viber Messenger Update Lets you Delete Sent Messages


Viber instant messenger app has got new and incremental update that will allow users to delete sent messages after sending them, and do a lot more on both iOS and Android. (17 raters, 63 scores, average: 3.71 out of 5)

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Download Viber 5.6.0: Latest Viber Messenger for Android


The makers of Viber app have just released a newest version, i.e., 5.6.0 for the app. The current version of the Viber application has a size of around 36.48MB & the developers of the app have added some pretty exciting features

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Top 5 VoIP Apps for Android

top voip apps android

For those who want to save money from phone bills or call rates, finding the best VoIP apps is a great solution as this provides everyone the chance to save money on regular costs of calls made either in their

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