Viber Messenger is Renovating its Chat Extensions


Recently, some exciting news were doing the rounds about the new plans and enhancements that the notorious massaging app, Viber Messenger, is planning to carry out and implement this year. However, Viber developers intend to take it slowly and present one enhancement at a time in order to evaluate its functionality and popularity amongst the audience members. For instance, Viber has announced over the last few weeks that there are some newly innovated chat extensions that are going to be launched very soon.

The first purpose of renovating the chat extensions of Viber is to grant the one billion users of the very grand massaging app the opportunity to express themselves through some new and unique ways, whilst, at the same time, the users will be able to control their conversations and messages easily without any disturbance or discomfort.

The chat extensions of Viber were introduced back in 2016, by the very end of the year, and they are indeed a very good way to bring about and control other platforms with no need to leave the chatting session. For instance, the user can navigate through the GIF library easily, search for specific YouTube videos, select and send Spotify songs, or even recommend certain places to others, all of which can be carried out without momentarily abandoning the Viber app.

Also, the messaging app has a very fun and colorful way to share messages that are set against various types of backgrounds which, as a result, makes certain messages pop and stand out from the other massages. This feature is called “Viber Shouts” and as it has gained decent popularity since its launch, the developers of the app are planning to renovate the feature by presenting a variety of new backgrounds to the users all over the world.

Moreover, Viber has a usefully good feature called “Favorites” which keeps the preferred and most used GIFs of the user, his other weblinks and YouTube videos in a nearby place that’s easily accessible. The user can add and accumulate his favourites in one catalogue by tapping on the targeted GIF or YouTube video and saving them to his “Favorites” library. Obviously, the “Favorites” feature makes it easier and effortless to reach any of the most used item in order to share it with any one.

More interestingly, Viber is also enhancing and adding more controls to the “Location” feature available on the app; the user can choose to share his location with whoever he desires. However, the “Location” feature is activated only if the user allows Viber to access his location information and, consequently, locate him. Hopefully, there’ll be no privacy issues raised against Viber due to some hidden malfunction just like what happened with other platforms because we’d like to witness the expansion and innovation of the “Viber Chat Extensions” as it takes its calculated steps to improvise and flourish.

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