Viber and the latest Android 7.0 Nougat


A simple double tap will allow you to switch between any two apps, or you can have the option to run them side by side. If you happen to be watching a movie but would also like to text a friend, there will be no problem whatsoever with Android Nougat.

Doze on the Go is the smartest battery to date and allows you to save your battery power even when you’re moving, making use of the lowest power setting available for whatever you happen to be doing.

Custom quick settings will allow you to completely rearrange your tiles so that you can get to exactly what you need as quickly as possible. No more tapping through various settings as you only need to set them where you know you can reach them without any hassle. Notification Direct ready lets you have mini conversations without ever having to actually open the app and Bundled Notification will allow you to see every notification in a summary view. You can then open up what you need in an expanded view, should you choose to do so.

Making use of the Data Saver will give you the option to limit exactly how much data that your device uses. When it is on and running, even background apps will not be able to make use of cell data. Notifications will pop up, at which time you can simple press and toggle for settings, even silencing the feature alert in the notification itself.

What it all boils down to, however, is security, because safety and privacy are so important. Android has always made use of layers of powerful security and encryption that gives you the utmost peace of mind, but Nougat adds features that are even better.

New updates download in the background seamlessly, so there is no long waits for your device to synchronize up to the latest security tools. Encryption is file-based and encrypted right at file level in order to isolate and protect files from different device users.

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