Five Secrets to Know about the Moto X Pure Edition


What features of a perfect phone are you looking for? Motorola for years now has been making great waves using its smartphones. It’s about to ship its 2015 flagship phone, are you ready to make it your next phone? By using Moto X phone for a little while, users will be required to answer some questions regarding features they still don’t know so far. Motorola Moto X performs incredibly well, looks nice and has a flash to take a selfie. These are among the great features of this phone model. Once you understand the strong features of Moto X, you also need t know about the following 5 secrets about Moto X Pure Edition before you decide to buy it for your second phone.

  1. Moto x pure edition is a big phone

Everybody who had experienced the previous versions of Motorola phones must have loved this model. It’s very different from the original model in size, Moto x Pure edition marks the biggest phone to hold the Moto X branding. It’s longer than the LG G4, wider than the One plus 2 and thicker than both phones at their thickest point. It’s equal in height and length to the galaxy note 5 but chunkier because of the curved back. Users who were already satisfied with the previous versions will find this version amazing. The phone is too big to be a single handed phone.

  1. It lacks the premium feel

The previous versions of Moto X had a unique feeling, an artistic, stylish, premium sensation while holding the phone in the hand. Contrary to this, Moto X Pure Edition has a plastic feel. This version feels like a cheaper device. The coating on the metal frame is soft and has no grip. The entire casing of the phone gives no any premium feeling when held in the hand. However, you can rectify this by taking with you a leather or wood backing to a Moto maker. Besides, even the leather does not give it the good feel we all expected to come from this version.

  1. Fast and snappy as expected

Moto X Pure Edition performs at such a speed we all expected from Moto devices.

  1. Has a great front facing flash

Moto X Pure Edition has done it well by coming with a superb camera flash. It makes the taking of selfie enjoyable.

  1. It doesn’t bother with the included bumper

However, the Moto X bumper is good if you want to show off your new Moto phone and still keep your phone safe.

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