Viber has launched the “Secrets Chats” feature


Popular Messaging App, Viber launch a secret chat feature like an incognito tab of Chrome ( Hidden Chats ) which helps you to prevent your chat. This feature is not for security purposes.Basically, they are also trying to copy Snapchat chat system like, In the new app, you can customize the time limit of Videos and photos remain in the chat.

Basically, It was an initiation of Snapchat where Photos or videos disappear after 24 hrs.

A step ahead than Snapchat

But Viber takes a step ahead than Snapchat like you can delete the whole chat by setting a time. Here, the chat will not disappear after 24 hrs like Snapchat. Last Year Viber launched a feature to hide chat behind a PIN for privacy purposes. Now you have options – delete the whole chat or hide the whole chat.

The app which will be available soon on the iOS and Android is not packed with this single update.Many new and interesting features are waiting for you in the upcoming update of Viber. A cool feature is that to block one friend to take the screenshot of chat but this feature may be not coming in iOS. But iOS will not lose its old feature where you can get to know that who take the screen shot.

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