Viber Messenger Updates: Anim-GIFs & Saving Messages Manually


From the latest news, we could find out that Viber came up with new options. In the beginning, we are talking about the possibility to save the text of the messages manually. It includes all history of your texting and you are secure in case of reinstalling the app. The messages could be saved in the Google drive or iCloud and then transferred to the same mobile number. Users must ensure that phone operating system is the same as previous.

The next innovative option includes GIFs elements. As you know, GIFs include various photos and interesting animation or elements you can send instead of boring text. The following change includes money transfer by the Western Union in more than 200 countries worldwide.

By using the feature, you can easily send money in the chosen country and wait for another side to get it. Moreover, the same could be done by the bank account but with limitation to 50 countries. The IOS users could also try with Apple Watch OS support and open the app on Apple smartwatch.

At last, we must mention the latest innovation by Viber in the form of Universal app. The Viber‘s intention is to create an exclusive place for Windows 10 devices. This would be one of the additionally popular features and users will be probably enthusiastic with it.

Taking a look to the biggest rival Whatsapp, we must observe Viber as more successful in its tryings. Let‘s wait for the next additions.


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