Viber Operational in Bangladesh after Ban


Viber was recently banned in Bangladesh after being accused for the communication medium for anti-government protestors and cause of violence in country. The Bangladesh telecommunication and regulatory commission ( BTRC ), temporarily shut down Viber services on the orders of law enforcement agencies.

Other 5 popular messaging applications including WhatsApp, Tango were also targeted and banned under this order.

Viber App

Viber was popular among protestors and was cause of violence. Law-enforcing agencies earlier had said terrorists and militants were using applications like Viber and Tango to get in touch with each other. They said phone calls can be tracked but it was not possible to keep a tab on communications made through such apps.


The “Security Concerns” are considered as resolved and subversive activities are under controlled. BTRC ( Bangladesh telecommunication and Regulatory Commission ) has officially lifted up the ban and services are unblockedĀ  again with full functionalities throughout country.

Now, Viber is again operational in Bangladesh and is providing its services all over the country.


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