Viber and TransferTo Network come Together to Offer Better User Experience


Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps boasting over 800 million users around the world. IIt has now joined hands with B2B Mobile Payment Network offered by TransferTo to enhance the user experience. The network helps to expand the global reach of the users and boost the overall Viber Out revenue streams.

Joining the TransferTo Network will help Viber open up new opportunities for Viber Out credit that can be easily purchased from various retail outlets around the world. This can be done through payment services and mobile operators.

Viber offers free voice calls between its users and the Viber Out feature allows the users to make calls to any phone number at low rates. The partnership with TransferTo’s network will now make cross-border recharges easy. The addition of this new feature will improve user experience with better purchase options. The Viber users will now be able to choose between the participating mobile operators, retail outlets, and money transfer services.

According to a Viber spokesperson, the initiative of joining TransferTo network is an important step taken to bring the users and the global community together. Friends and family will be able to use the Viber Out credit top-ups to send or receive the Viber Out Credits.

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