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Viber, as well know is a Voice over Internet protocol, also more commonly referred to as VOIP. It is interesting to know that there are more than 20 million registered users for this particular application, and the number seems to be growing rapidly. People prefer to use viber for making phone calls, sending text messages, as well as emoticons. The best feature about viber is that all the phone calls you make and the messages you send there is the cost for an additional cost, as the only requirement for viber is that you need an internet connection.

Viber for iPhone and Android, only?

Viber is basically an application which was designed for iPhone and Android, the catch here is you can use this feature and make calls to people and send them messages only if they also have viber installed on their mobiles. One you install viber on your cell, you can access the app, and this enable you see all your contacts all who viber installed on their cell phones too. You can simply chat for hours and send them messages free.

For activating viber on your device, you will be required to feed in the code which is provided to you while you are installing an application, through an SMS. There is no PIN number, no user name required for this application to get functional. All the features on viber are completely 100% free.

Viber for 3G, Wi-Fi, GSM?

Communication on Viber is done mostly on 3G and Wi-Fi. The application offers extremely good voice quality, in fact, this is better than what a normal call made through cell phone would be. One of the very good features of viber is that once you try making a call, the application first asks you whether you would like to make a regular call or want to carry on with the Viber call. Depending on what option y\the user chooses, he is guided appropriately. In case you do face issues with the viber call, then the application provide you easy access to the regular GSM call.

If you like the voice quality viber has to offer, and then you would surely enjoy the messaging the application provides. Messages are saved in threads, and one can send texts in a bubble style interface. For deactivating, this application the only way is to uninstall the application on your device as an exit button does not exist.

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