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Rakuten is Japanese e-commerce business that might be small compared to Alibaba, but it’s among the most innovative e-commerce companies in Asia. It is almost 11 months now when Rakuten’s purchase Viber in Feb 2013 and is according to the most significant reports in mobile messaging the real success of Rakuten has started.

In 2010, the organization said its standard language is English, and all connection with the organization must maintain the language of international business.

Its worldwide existence has managed to get a significant power in international business, and its own proper presence in places with rates and large net transmission has trained with an advantage in a few markets.

The technique of sewing together completely independent e-commerce areas into one international umbrella is exclusive to Rakuten. Alibaba has held its concentrate on inexpensive, rapid development countries like India and China, low-margin although eBay and Amazon stay mostly U.S. and U.K. centered. Rakuten has targeted for anywhere in the center.

That gives us to Viber, a messaging application that Rakuten purchased earlier this season for $900 million. The message application has 600 million customers while offering mobile payments activities, VOIP calls, along with other functions accustomed to customers of WhatsApp, WeChat, and Point, the large dog on Rakuten’s home turf.

But Viber provides even more functions, where sports celebrities are employing it to broadcast with fans like public talk that has been already popular in India.

With this particular, Viber has become a lot of things to a lot of people: a method to deliver voice calls like Skype a method to broadcast like Facebook, along with a method to play games and deliver messages like Point. Additionally it matches Rakuten’s global technique having a strong following in a number of well-connected nations, like France, Australia, and India.

Next year, we’ll probably hear more about that messaging service as Rakuten enables the organization a far more direct reference to countless message and buying customers, and provides functions to it.

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