Doodle: The New Exciting Feature of Viber App

Viber doodle

When we look back at the times of telegrams and letters we realize how advance we are now. It used to take months for a letter to reach from one person to another but now all it need is less than a second. Technological advancements have come up with mobile phones and computers. Communication has become easy and simple. Among the various applications used for sending texts along with calls over the internet, the most popular one is Viber. With the help of Viber you can make free calls and send free messages over the internet any time you want. No matter what country you belong to or what phone you are using, as long as you have internet you can communicate with your loved ones.

Doodle Feature

Viber has recently announced a new update to its Android application, the most prominent feature of this update is doodling. This feature permits the user to draw or paint on a blank page and then the user can send those doodles up picture to all his friends.

This app has become famous, as people love to doodle on photos. Beside the doodle update below are the other features included in the new update of Viber.

Viber Update Features

  • Now you can see whether your message has been delivered to the recipient or not. You don’t have to wait, or presume that your message is delivered. Now you can make sure that your message has been delivered.
  • Viber already is rich with emotion icons, but this new update will have more of the amazing You can now express your feeling with the help of these emotions in a much better way.
  • The new update of Viber now provides better support for Viber PC integration. The Viber integration system has enhanced for both Windows as well as Mac.

Prominent Features of Viber

  • Viber is known for its high quality audio.
  • It also allows you to do videos call unlike the traditional application through which you can only send SMS or make an audio call
  • You can send your pictures as part of your text message
  • Viber allows you to synchronize almost all the data present on your mobile phone with your laptop, or desktop.
  • What if your phone battery is dying, you would have to end your call. But not anymore, with help of Viber you can easily transfer your ongoing calls from your phone to PC and vise versa.

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