Where to Find Viber App for Free


The Viber app offers users the opportunity to send text messages and make phone calls to other users free of charge. You will love Viber if you are sensitive to ads because it is a free application with no ads. Viber is supported above Blackberry OS5, and OS7, Windows Phone 7, Android OS 2.0, Ios 4.3, Nokia S-40 and S-60. In addition, it works on Bada and just of recent, it has been made available via Viber Desktop to work for desktops as well – Windows and Mac OS 10.7 to be precise. In other word, you can make a call to friends with Viber app installed on their computers.

However, regardless of whether your recipient is a Viber user or not, since Viber app has expended its presence on the Windows Phone platform, you can now place calls to other users with the new “Viber Out” feature, which is now available on Windows 8. This particular offering that makes the platform a more capable competitor to the current leader in VOIP communication is already there on Android and Apple’s iOS.

Free Call Features of Viber App

Viber app comes with the VoIP technology and notifications pushes that will enable you make calls with higher audio quality than the normal GSM calls. It is no more news that Skype doesn’t really give free calls to other Skype users at this point in time. Hence, two users would surely have unlimited calls that will surely work to your own advantage whenever they have Viber applications.

You are not required to add up users before you can use Viber app, unlike any other communication app. Once you get Viber installed, it will gather all the contact numbers you already have in your phone. Whatever Smartphone you might have been using, Viber app will automatically detect people using the same application with you.

Where to Get Viber App For Free

You can easily reach your loved ones without paying a dime for service to work, from anywhere across the world. With the power of the internet, all and sundry can get connected now. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you if you have been looking forward to the best voice and video calling software online as well as text messaging. Viber app is just the best you can have for your Android and iPhone.

At this Smartphone era, you will be left behind if you don’t have a Viber app. Have you ever seen your friends having connected themselves with each other, enjoying their Smartphone? That is what Viber is up to. Therefore, the best thing for you now is to get a Smartphone now, if you have none yet, and get connected with your friends, whenever you want and anywhere you are.


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