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LG G4 Smartphone Review

LG G4 has come out as the 2015 successor of the LG G3. With its release just a few days ago in London, the phone is a real stunner. Globally, the phone will be released in June this year. Take a look at the following features as well as first impression.

How to make free calls using Viber App

Viber app is a new development in the Android market download charts. It offers a ground-breaking means of communicating for free through a variety of formats. As a matter of fact, you can now enjoy free messages, calls and multimedia messages with Viber app. Without exaggeration of any kind, more than 40 million users of …

Where to Find Viber App for Free

The Viber app offers users the opportunity to send text messages and make phone calls to other users free of charge. You will love Viber if you are sensitive to ads because it is a free application with no ads. Viber is supported above Blackberry OS5, and OS7, Windows Phone 7, Android OS 2.0, Ios …

Rakuten Review

Rakuten is Japanese e-commerce business that might be small compared to Alibaba, but it’s among the most innovative e-commerce companies in Asia. It is almost 11 months now when Rakuten’s purchase Viber in Feb 2013 and is according to the most significant reports in mobile messaging the real success of Rakuten has started.