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Micromax Bolt S300 and Bolt D320 Smartphone Reviews


Just yesterday, another smartphone of Micromax Bolt S300 was launched officially and was made available to be bought online. Bolt S300 was launched In India with the news that D320 too will be launched till the mid of April its

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Viber Operational in Bangladesh after Ban


Viber was recently banned in Bangladesh after being accused for the communication medium for anti-government protestors and cause of violence in country. The Bangladesh telecommunication and regulatory commission ( BTRC ), temporarily shut down Viber services on the orders of

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Rakuten Review


Rakuten is Japanese e-commerce business that might be small compared to Alibaba, but it’s among the most innovative e-commerce companies in Asia. It is almost 11 months now when Rakuten’s purchase Viber in Feb 2013 and is according to the most

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Some interesting Features of the Viber App


Viber, as well know is a Voice over Internet protocol, also more commonly referred to as VOIP. It is interesting to know that there are more than 20 million registered users for this particular application, and the number seems to

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Doodle: The New Exciting Feature of Viber App

Viber doodle

When we look back at the times of telegrams and letters we realize how advance we are now. It used to take months for a letter to reach from one person to another but now all it need is less

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Get connected with Viber App

viber htc

Vindicatory been to a recipient and else a dozen new people to your phone contacts? Hit that spreading runoff menu (this moment on the nethermost alter) and Update Contacts. This module add any new contacts you mortal in your phone

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