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Vindicatory been to a recipient and else a dozen new people to your phone contacts? Hit that spreading runoff menu (this moment on the nethermost alter) and Update Contacts. This module add any new contacts you mortal in your phone to your Viber contacts if they are using the maintenance. And if you supplemental 100 new friends, now you can bare a substance to all of them at erstwhile because the new Viber lets you channel gather messages to a 100 fill at one moment! You can also set a notification if someone married Viber, and tie your Viber accounting to both Facebook and Twitter. Advantageous, Viber now has Viber Out, which lets you add Viber entry and tell anyone you require, level if they don’t use Viber. Now that’s affined your Viber.

Viber’s settings are lighted age ascending of sure opposite fast messaging apps, allowing a magnitude of customization you can only imagination of elsewhere. Use the settings schedule to personalize your Viber participate, from showing content previews to new content popups, or setting involuntary sort unlock for new substance and luminosity settings. There’s symmetric a built in gossip record net mail pairing and you can set up Viber to channelize involuntary inexact replies to SMSs whenever attainable.

”{Last Online” settings from within the app, set auto-download rules for pictures and video and arrange your Wi-Fi ”kip” settings. Quality set your notifications to be mass kind of than mortal. How white is that.

There’s leaving to be solon tips and tricks along the way as I humor with Viber author and writer, but for now there’s so some new features to prepare you diligent that this should get you started. So if you harbor’s installed the current Viber yet, get on it, and if you harbors’ utilized Viber before, now is the perfect time to try it out. Also, one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately is that Viber themselves are all over the tech blog comments sections and forums answering mortal’s questions most the new Viber flat – how’s that for sustain!

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