Viber Messenger Update Lets you Delete Sent Messages


Viber instant messenger app has got new and incremental update that will allow users to delete sent messages after sending them, and do a lot more on both iOS and Android.

With the new update, Viber v5.6.5 for iOS and Android now allows users to get rid of a text message from all members of the conversation even after it has been sent. As Android users can choose the text fizz they have in mind to delete by long-pressing on it and selecting the Delete for everyone option, the process is pretty simple.

One great thing about the process is that there is no time limit for deleting the text. Users can select Delete and then Delete for everyone once you have long pressed the bubble on iOS.

This new update and feature makes Viber, as it is an accepted and hailed change for users. In addition, the version makes it uncomplicated for Viber users to attach files like archives, presentations, documents and others in the contact list.

The Viber messaging app also brings easy sharing options for Android users. The iOS version on the other hands, offers the ability to share videos and images directly from iCloud.

The Viber v5.6.5 makes it possible for users to reply to messages without opening the app and allows them to look for contacts and conversations by making use of Spotlight search, particularly for iOS 9. Users can download the updated app from App Store and Google Play.

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