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In this new world of smart phone, everyone is using one to get the maximum benefit of apps. If you are an android user you can now enjoy free calls, messages and multimedia messages by using the Viber app on your phone.  Viber app is an app which enable you to make free call or messages from one smart phone to another. It is now one of the top apps that is used by the android users. Nearly 40 million people using a Smartphone have downloaded this app.

Viber App

Instead of making call to a mobile which uses the traditional cellular data you can use this app to communicate with other people by 3G or Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you are connected to a 3G network or Wi-Fi network in order to use the app or else it will not work. You also need to make sure that the person you are going to communicate with has Viber application or else this will not be of any use.

This app can work on any Android or iOS base system. As soon as you install this app it will automatically scan your contact and will let you know the names who have Viber installed.

Wi-Fi & 3G

It is advantageous to download the Viber app, as it is useful for people who have limited number of minutes on their phone tariff, as you will be able to bypass this by using Wi-Fi or 3G connection. If you also have limited data usage then you can also connected through a Wi-Fi connection. Keep in mind that if you have exceed the data usage then additional charged may be applied if you use the Viber.

It is the one of the most popular apps that is in the market as people find it easy to call or message through the internet instead of using regular calling or messaging plans.

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