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Viber for Samsung Smartphones & Tablets. Who don’t know Samsung (South Korea’s largest companies). Samsung is the top #1 manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Competitors are Huawei and Apple, with their P series and Iphone smartphones.

Viber Features: 

  • The actual functions of this app vary from one platform to the other.
  • Android OS were the first OS to receive these new features.
  • Viber application allows you to exchange text, images, and video messaging at all platforms mentioned above. You can get the additional benefit of voice calling on iPhone, Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.
  • AUI, Application user interface contains a tab bar on the bottom which allows the user to send messages, see the recent calls, contacts, and access the keypad. An additional button provided to access more features.
  • App creates your account and sets your phone number as your user name.
  • Viber Messenger works in synchronization with the Address Book so the user doesn’t have to create a separate contact list to access the Viber.
  • All users have their phone number registered so you can a list of Viber contacts returned by the software itself.
  • Viber app added smiles in 2012 and other graphical effects to customize your app and express your emotions in a better way.
  • Viber launched a new feature Viber out officially in 2013. This feature permitted its users to make a call on mobile or on landline phones. So, this feature allows its users to make a call to people who are not active Viber users. The user needs to buy credit to access this feature.

Top Samsung models are: Samsung Galaxy Series (s5, s6, s7, s8 and latest s9), Note series (Note 8), A series (A3, A5, A7), J series (J3, J5, J7), TAB series (tablet),etc…

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