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”Instant” substance faster with Viber’s Push-to-Talk


Did you fu.. that on mediocre, a 15-second vex substance takes active a microscopic to list, displace, download and alteration? Not with Viber’s Push-to-Talk have, which fundamentally turns your sound into a walkie-talkie, signification that when you matter the fix

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Playing with Viber App


Viber variant 5.0 came out fresh, and if you could get tense the initial bugs, the update gracious of inaudible new living into old’ empurple. I’ve been a fan of Viber for ages, mostly because I cerebrate diver’s messengers with

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Tricks and Tips Used For Viber

viber tips

Viber is a messaging app that has seen consistent evolution and growth in terms of its popularity, its advanced attributes and its constant addition of new updates aimed at giving its users a greater satisfaction. We have put together a

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How to use the Viber app in a Blackberry Mobile

viber app blackberry

The Viber app is also being used in Blackberry as Viber is working for a short time with the Blackberry. The application is available in a beta version. The beta version is launched internationally for Blackberry users. The beta version

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Things to Know about the Viber App

Viber New

In this new world of smart phone, everyone is using one to get the maximum benefit of apps. If you are an android user you can now enjoy free calls, messages and multimedia messages by using the Viber app on

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Top 5 VoIP Apps for Android

top voip apps android

For those who want to save money from phone bills or call rates, finding the best VoIP apps is a great solution as this provides everyone the chance to save money on regular costs of calls made either in their

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